Life Water is the first company

to adopt the most number of turtles since 2016

Adopters, Sabah Parks and Pasukan Rela Awam posing for the camera.

The first symbolic adoption of sea turtles was carried out in 2023 in support of Sabah Turtle Island Park, Selingan conservation efforts in conjunction with Life Water’s 20th Anniversary.  The programme also hoped to spread awareness on the importance of not just turtle conservation but protecting its habitat as well.

Each adopter will be presented with a certificate, t-shirt, and photos of adopted nests and baby turtles being released to sea.

Eggs Collecting and transfer to Hatchery

A ranger carefully checks and tag for a new mother turtle

Turtle eggs are the size of ping-pong balls. A ranger will then carefully collects the eggs

Transferring eggs from the wild to the hatchery centre

(after incubation period of about 2 months)
Newly-hatched baby turtles are released to the sea


To augment the conservation awareness message and also the importance of recycling, a Sea Turtle Craft Contest was also held, whereby the craft must be made of recycled materials.