About Life Water

Life Water Industries Sdn Bhd produces various types of quality beverages with its most popular product being the K2 17 Stages Purified Drinking Water, every drop of the water source passes through 17 Stages of Water Purification System. Followed by Tritonic Carbonated Isotonic Electrolyte Drink and 2More Sparkling Soda. All of these products are Halal, HACCP, ISO22000, GMP Certified, so as to ensure full compliance with the requirement of government’s food safety regulations. These products are now widely distributed in Sabah, as well as parts of Sarawak and Labuan.

Established in April 2002, Life Water Industries Sdn Bhd has reshuffled the operation of all of its seven departments in order to achieve high efficiency. Nine core values and corporate philosophy have also been identified to shape the culture of the corporate and to build up comprehensive and healthy team spirit. On the other hand, Life Water Industries Sdn Bhd also strives to conduct research and development – two of its outcomes are the production of the innovative bottled packaging as well as the incorporation of more local design elements in the products’ labeling. At the same time, the company’s factory is open for visiting by schools and the public, with the hope to help improve their understanding of the water production process and the importance of pure water on the human body.

Awards and Recognitions